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Mostly Fissure In Ano disease takes birth because of constipation. When the patient sits for evacuation of stool, mucous membrane or muscle of the flesh splits because of coughing or pressure given to evacuate stool. The patient feels burning sensation during or after evacuation of stool and a line of blood appears while evacuating of stool. The patient faces a great trouble because of fissure in ano. Sometimes, the patient becomes unconscious because of this trouble. The patient suffers from this trouble for 3-4 hours.

Symptoms Of Fissure In Ano

Requires a medical diagnosis
An anal fissure can cause pain and bleeding during bowel movements.
People may experience:
Pain areas: in the rectum
Pain circumstances: can occur while defecating
Anal: itchiness or bleeding
Also common: cracked skin
Consult a doctor for medical advice

Treatment of Fissure In Ano From Different Medicines

1.Nitric acid:
No medicine is as beneficial as nitric acid for the treatment of fissure in ano. This medicine is used when the patient suffers from following symptoms. Such symptoms are as pain in the anus during evacuation and pain in the anus though the stool is dilute. The patient feels severe pain in the anus haltingly after 1-2 hours of evacuation. It happens because of evacuating of hard stool. The patient should take Nitric Acid 6 for the treatment of this disease. Besides, the medicine Ratihanya 6 also can be taken. Both medicines Ratinhaya and Nitric acid can be taken for the treatment of piles. Such patient feels severe pain in the rectum after evacuation not before. In this case, the medicine Nitric Acid 30 can be taken.

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2. Grafitis:
The patient suffers from constipation along with fissure in the rectum. He suffers from such kinds of symptoms as stool with small pieces though stool is too long, stool covered with mucous membrane’s threads and excretion of mucus after evacuation. The patient suffers from eczema in the rectum. If rectum starts to tear along with above-mentioned symptoms, the use of Grafitis 30 proves very beneficial.
If the patient has been suffering from pain due to fissure in ano, hard stool covered in mucous substance, the use of the medicine named Grafitis-6 provides a lot of relief.
If there is sore at the mouth of the rectum because of fissure in ano, the use of Grafitis can be used to get relief.

3. Natrum mur:
the patient suffers from cracked lips and mouth along with fissure in ano. The cause of fissure in ano is dryness. Besides, dry mouth and constipation are other symptoms of this disease. The use of Natrum Mur 30 proves very beneficial in this disease.

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4. Paonia:
The patient shows such symptoms as excretion from the rectum because of fissure in ano and clipping pain into the anus along with itching and sometimes, fistula occurs. The medicine named paonia-3 is taken for the treatment in all these symptoms.

5. Ratanhiya:
The patient feels burning sensation in the anus because of fissure into the anus. There is constant pain at the mouth of rectum for many hours after evacuation. The patient suffers from inflammation at the mouth of rectum, cutting pain, dilute loose motions along with constipation. Such patient should take Ratanhiya medicine-3 or 6 for the treatment. Its use provides a lot of relief.

6. Isculus:
The patient feels inflammation due to fissure in ano and a wound takes birth. The stool of becomes hard with small pieces. The medicine named Isculus-3 should be given to the patient if above mentioned symptoms are present in the patient. Its use proves very beneficial.

7. Hemamalis:
If there is a secretion because of fissure in ano, the medicine Hemamalis-1 should be taken for the treatment.

8. Arsanic:
If there is bleeding from the rectum because of fissure in ano, the medicine named Arsanic-3 should be taken.

Other Treatments Of Fissure In Ano :

Oil and ghee should be applied at the mouth of the anus before evacuation of stool. The patient will feel ease while evacuating of stool.
Take anima of bearable hot water if there is problem of constipation.
The paste of Calendula or Hemamalis or Isculus can be applied on the anus for the treatment of this disease.
If the patient has been suffering from constipation, he should take ripe banana, ripe papaya, grapes, lemon, dry grapes and pine apple. Its use provides relief to the patient. 


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