Info About Vitamin A (RETINOL) [Function,Natural Source,Daily Requirement]

Vitamin A (RETINOL)

Vitamin A (RETINOL)

In This Article We Are Providing Some Useful Info About Vitamin A (RETINOL) [Function,Natural Source,Daily Requirement].

Functions Of Vitamin A (RETINOL)

  • It plays a vital role in normal vision.
  • It is required for upkeep of epithelial cells i.e., mucous membrane, skin etc.
  • It helps in skeletal growth.
  • It protects against microbial infections in body.
  • It also helps in wound healing.
  • It helps in reproduction and gene expression.
  • It also acts as antioxidant.
  • It plays crucial role in learning by effecting hippocampus cells.
  • It helps in promoting healthy hair, teeth, and gums.
  • It helps in enhancing permeability of blood capillaries for better tissue oxygenation
  • It is also essential for night vision.

Natural Source Of Vitamin A (RETINOL)

Vitamin A is widely distributed in animal and plant foods –in animal foods are preformed vitamin A (retinol), and in plant foods are pro-vitamins (carotenes).

  • Animal Foods: Foods rich in retinol are liver, eggs, butter, cheese, whole milk, fish and meat. Fish liver oils are the richest natural sources of retinol.
  • Plant foods: The cheapest source of Vitamin A is green leafy vegetables such as spinach amaranth. The darker the green leaves, the higher its carotene content. Vitamin A also occurs in most green yellow fruits and vegetables (e.g. papaya, mango, pumpkin) and in some roots (e.g., carrots).
  • Fortified foods: Foods fortified with vitamin A (e.g. vanaspathi, margarine, milk) can be an important source.

Daily Requirment Of Vitamin A (RETINOL)

The recommended daily intake of Vitamin A is 750 micrograms for adults.


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