Treatment Of Anger [Brain Disease] [Homeopathy Treatment]


When a person has to work against or mental tensions take birth in the mind because of any disease, he shows his tension through his way of speaking or behavior. It is called anger. The voice of an angry person is heavy and he speaks with irritation. A person suffers from bilious disorders, neural disorder or mental tension. Showing anger in normal condition or while talking is kind of symptom of bilious disorder.

Treatment of Anger The Brain Disease With Different Medicines:

1. Chamomilla-

If a child become angry and goes on crying for everything, but when that thing is given to him, he throws it; he/she goes on crying until someone had taken in his arms; loose motion also starts due to anger, cough also starts, spasm starts in the body, etc., giving Chamomila 3 or 30 is beneficial to cure such symptoms of the children.

If such types of symptoms are found in a child who is mentally cooled (quite) natured, this drug is not useful for him/her.

To cure such symptoms of a child who is angry and irritable temperament, a dosage of Chamomila C.M. should be given once after 16 to 18 days. It helps to make that child quite.

2. Staphysagria- If symptoms like coming anger excessively in a child, does not care what is other think, move randomly in anger are found in a child then he cries for getting every things but throws these things in anger after getting. Thus, using 3 or 30 potency of this drug is beneficial to cure such symptoms of the child. It is also very useful to remove the bad effects of insult and anger.

3. Lycopodium- If the patient becomes lean and thin, becomes angry on a little matter, quarreling with familiar person, etc., for the treatment of such patient, using Lycopodium 30 is beneficial.

4. Nux-vomica- The patient becomes irritable temperament, does not tolerate any opposition, disturbances, if any thing or chair comes in his way (path), he kick them in anger, etc., using Nux-vomica 30 is very effective to cure such symptoms of the patient.

5. Iodium- If the patient becomes angry suddenly as much as he is determined to kill his contentious or start to beat anyone who comes in between them, he has no relation with future but problems and hopelessness of present time persist, etc., 3 or 30 potency should be used to cure such patient.


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