Treatment Of Cerebral Congestion | Cause | Symptoms


The congestion of blood unnaturally or irregularly in any part of the body is called congestion of the part. When blood is congested in the thin tubes of the head’s cell, it is called cerebral congestion.

There are two types of cerebral congestion:-

  1. Arterial or active congestion
  2. Venus or passive congestion

Several types of disease can occur in the brain due to these types of congestion-

Symptoms of arterial or active congestion:-

The face of the patent suffering from this disease becomes red, the head remains hot, the white part of the eyes become bright and red. Well, sometimes the white part of the eyes also becomes yellow due to malfunctioning of the liver. The body becomes dusty coloured, the hands and legs remain hot and sweat is suppressed, but both the legs fall cold in this condition and sometime slanting pain starts in the legs or feeling heaviness like pressure on it. The condition of weeping and crying may or may not occur, scanty urine comes out in red colour, unbearable of bright light or loud voice, etc.


The function of hritpind becomes fast.

Suppression of any skin disease suddenly.

Recovery of any chronicle disease suddenly.

Suppression of sweat from the body suddenly.

In the condition of piles, suppression of blood or start bleeding suddenly.

In the chronicle stage of gout, stopping its pain suddenly.

Over drinking.

Treatment of Cerebral Congestion with different drugs:-

1. Acon- If the patient is feeling cold with cerebral congestion or fever with violent mental disease, etc., Acon 3x should be taken for its treatment.

2. Belladonna:-

Belladonna 3x to 30 can be used for the treatment of this disease.

The face and the eyes of the patient suffering from this becomes red, sweating from the body covering with clothes, violent weeping and crying, wider the eyeballs, etc. thus, Belladonna 3 is very useful for the treatment of this disease. Belladonna should be used to cure cerebral congestion of the children.

3. Glonoine- If the patient feels violent slanting pain with cerebral congestion and if it has occurred due to exposure to sunrays or heat or by changing the weather, Glonoine 3 should be used to cure this disease.

4. Cuprum Aceticum- If cerebral congestion occurs due to suppression of the symptoms of the disease or due to teething, taking Cuprum aceticum 3 is very useful to cure such patient.

5. Veretrum vir- If the head becomes hot with fever, the face and the eyes becomes red, pain starts from the back part of the neck to the head, wider of the eyeballs, visible a thing as double, the head becomes heavy, the face muscles flaps, etc., Veretrum vir 3x can be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Other treatment of Cerebral Congestion with the use of different drugs:-

The patient should not stand up from the bed. His physical and mental irritation should be tried to stop. He should take dilute things. The bandage of cold water or ice should be kept on his forehead and head.

Symptoms of venus or passive congestion:-

In this case, the patient feels little headache everyday; he becomes irritable temperament; feels lethargy all the time, the hritpind becomes weak; blood circulation becomes slow ; the face seems dirty ; sometimes it also become red; the hands fall cold with sweating; brightness seems in the eyes with lack of vision. In the case of fair sexes, she goes on touching the head, palate or the back part of the head with her hand and says that his head is hot but when any other person touch her head, he does not feels as she told. Several types of other symptoms are also found in the patient like- feeling the head heavy, having desire for living alone, becoming the brain weak, does not tolerate even dim light, does not like to sing or play instrument even entertainment, feels nauseate and vomiting, etc. sometimes he also start weeping due to headache.


Becoming the hritpind weak.

Menstrual secretion comes till several days.

Tolerate mental troubles for a long time.

Doing mental work continuously.

Several types of diseases like- cancer, gout, syphilis, T.B., etc.

Persisting fever for several days.

Worms in the stomach.

Additional bile.

Persisting any chronicle disease for several days.

Treatment of Cerebral Congestion with different drugs:-

1. Gels- If the patient suffering from this disease is feeling vertigo, feeling as if the head is tied and becoming unable to stable his head, etc., using Gels 3 is beneficial for the treatment of such patient.

2. Gelsemium- Gelsemium 1x to 30 can be used to cure this disease. It is an important drug for the treatment of the initial stage of this disease.

3. Sulphur- If this disease becomes chronic, Sulphur 30 should be used for its treatment.

4. Opium:- If the patient suffering from this disease has desire for fast sleep, has constipation problems and feels pressure in the stomach, using Opium 3 to 30 is very effective to cure this disease.


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