Treatment Of Hydrocephaloid Brain


Blood is decreased in the brain due to dysentery, cholera or any other disease resulting growth of the body is stopped. Due to this disease, patient feels much restlessness, fever and other symptoms also occur like- breathing in motions, surprised, groaning, crying suddenly out kv be up in sleeping, producing whirr sound in the chest and throat, smelly green coloured loose motions, etc.

Treatment of this disease with different drugs:-

1. Zincum- If Phosphorus makes no impression, the powder of Zincum 3x or Zincum mur 6 should be used.

2. Phosphorus:- To cure hydrocephaloid brain, Phosphorus 3 can be used.

Other treatment of hydrocephaloid brain:-

The patient should allow to lying down on the back and keep his head lower comparison to the legs.

Put few ice cubes in a piece of cloth and should be rubbed on the patient body 3-4 times in a day everyday.

Nutritive food should be given to the patient that contains the water of lentil pulse, milk, few drops of liquor with water, the white part of an egg, soup of singi or mangur fish, etc.


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