Treatment Of Hypochondriasis [Brain Disease]


It is not a physical disease, but a type of mental disease and untrue imagination. When this disease occurs in a person, he has a concept in his mind as if any dangerous disease has occurred resulting he goes on thinking and falling in anxiety all the time. It is called ‘Hypochondriasis‘.
The patient suffering from this disease goes on thinking about his health all the time resulting he becomes irritate with persisting indigestion or any other stomach diseases.


Hypochondriasis is hereditary and occurs due to lack of interest about sexual intercourse, occurring excessive weakness in the body, becoming sperm weak; survive as lethargy, using his imaginary power excessively, etc.

Symptoms Of Hypochondriasis

Hypochondriasis occurs slowly in the teenagers or in the period of menses or after living work or becoming widow. Other symptoms are also found in the hypochondriasis patient like- beating heart even in the absence of any heart disease; becoming unconscious, stomach upset ness, over anxiety about his body, committing suicide or has the desire of killing others, vertigo, faith much on any imaginary confusion, lack of appetite, sleeplessness, flatulence, constipation, belches, lack of blood (anemia), etc. if bleeding starts in the patient after such symptoms or swelling comes in any part of the body and the symptoms of udramay are found and at last patient is died. In few patient, such symptoms appear slowly and persisting in his body whole life.

Treatment of Hypochondriasis with different Medicines:-

1. Cimicifuga- If hypochondriasis patient feels weakness due to loss of sperm, for the treatment of this disease, using Cimicifuga 1x is very effective.

2. Hyoscyamus- If hypochondriasis occurs due to imagine those things that are not in existence or insanity of only one thing like- feeling disease in his body but actually there is no any disease and thinking about that disease day and night, etc., using Hyoscyamus 3 is very effective for the treatment of such symptoms of the patient.

3. Nux-vomica- if following symptoms are found in the patient like- lack of interest for doing any work, malfunctioning of the duodenum with constipation, sometime violent mental troubles occur, vertigo, sleeplessness, feeling excess physical weakness and occurring symptoms like paralysis and having difficulty in breathing, etc., Nux-vomica 3x and 3 can be used to cure disease of the patient.

4. Calca-carb- The patient feels as if his sense organs have destroyed and feels pain in the chest, but actually it is not happen so. Several types of other symptoms are also found in the patient addition to above symptoms like- decreasing mental peace, feeling tiredness, fear, headache that makes the patient unconscious, vomiting of sour water, etc. thus, Calca-carb 30 or 200 can be used to cure such patient. One dosage each should be taken in the morning and evening.

5. Stannum- Pain occurs in the patient’s head with becoming the head hot, but the lower part of the body remains cold, vomiting goes on taking place all the time, stomachache occurs and patient feels some relief from this pain by walking, stretch also occur in the stomach; when the patient walks little, he is tired and wants to take rest, but starts again just after sitting, etc., Stannum 6 should be used for the treatment of such symptoms of the patient.

7. Sulphur- if hypochondrasis patient has following symptoms like- occurring much mental troubles, lack of interest in his job, anxiety about his health, agitated nature, consider himself ill all the time and becoming undetermined, etc., using Sulphur is very effective to cure such symptoms of the patient.

8. Staphysagria- Symptoms like sadness, self emission and impotency are found in the patient with hypochondriasis. Thus, taking Staphysagria 6 is beneficial to cure disease of such patient.

9. Anacardium and Baireriana- If the hypochondrasis patient has irritation with neuralgic weakness, using Anacardium and Baireriana is appropriate. Drugs as- China, Anacardium, Lachesis, Moschus, Phosphorus, Platina, Tarentula, Puls, Merc, Natrum-phos, etc. can be used for the treatment of hypochondriasis.

Other treatment addition to the use of Medicines:-

The patient suffering from this disease should go for walk in the morning and evening. If provides mental peace.

He should do little labour before taking bathe.

We should try to convince the patient that it is not a true disease but imaginary.

We should try all the time to sleep the patient and for it, drug should be given.


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