Treatment Of Insanity | Cause | Symptoms


The natural condition of the brain is affected due to getting any type of hurt or wounds on the head. It is called ‘Insanity’. It attacks suddenly and the symptom of disease goes on changing.

There are four types of insanity:

  1. The symptoms of paralysis with talking unnecessary.
  2. Decreasing mental strength.
  3. Visad-air.
  4. Insanity.


In insanity, patient has several types of symptoms like- headache, sleeplessness, fear, suddenly becomes happy, cry much in the condition of sad, does not interested in doing any work, changing the impression of the face and the eyes, seeing wrong, hearing wrong, is not able to control his willing power, moving the hands and legs without his desire, unable to speak, having desire for committing suicide, talk non-sense, weak memory power, much anger, etc. patient has no interest in eating and drinking; the eyelids go on throbbing, boils and pimples have appeared on the body, stiffness occurs in the body with the symptoms of paralysis.


insanity can occur due to doing little work comparison to their working ability, over eating and drinking, doing much mental work, taking intoxicant materials like- ganja, liquor or bhang, etc, unhealthiness, much hopelessness or by the attacks of fit, etc.

In men, insanity occurs due to syphilis, doing excess mental work, disease of the spinal cord, getting deep hurt in the body, dangerous incident again and again, improper education or by reading novels of dangerous incident. Mostly, it occurs in 25 to 40 years old peoples.

Treatment of insanity with different drugs on the basis of its symptoms:-

False vision:- Sees that is actually not in existence like- seeing dead person and talk about them, seeing the statue of narsingh or hearing the conversion of the Gods, etc. if such types of symptoms are found in the insanity patient, Hyos, Igna, Lache, Arg-ni, Cannabis Indica, Cocculus, Anahelonium, Opium, Kali-brom, Absinth, Belladonna, Agaricus, Cuprum-acet, Nux, Puls, Baleriana, Anthrus, Zinc-mur or Sulphur, etc. can be used. Mistake or confusion in vision:- Having confusion in things related to nature or outside like- believes the rope as the snake, feels water in the desert, feels the shadow as ghost, seems the sound of running train as thundering, etc. thus, for the treatment of such patient, the powder of Marfinum 3, Nux-moschata 200 or Radium 200, dhatura Iberium, Valeriana or Hydrophobinum, etc. should be used.


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