Treatment Of Melancholia | Cause | Symptoms


Melancholia Symptoms like mental anxiety and worry ness are found in the patient of melancholia. In addition to it, defect occurs in his liver or any disease occurs in the ovary or oxalic acid is found in patient’s urine.

Melancholia can be four types:-

Common Melancholia- Melancholia in which, the sufferer has much mental sadness and much faith on illusion or symptoms of physical insanity are found in the sufferer, etc., is called ‘Common Melancholia’. In this disease, any other symptoms are not found besides mental anxiety.

Acute Melancholia- In Melancholia, mental sadness persists in the patient till many days, symptoms of illusion are found in him like- the patient believes that crime that is done by him is too serious, he is brooding about those who is not in existence, he has no mental concentration, feels lack of sleep, restlessness, afraid, weeping, having much desire for committing suicide, contraction of the eyeballs, complaints of constipation and lack of appetite, etc. This stage is not too serious.

Chronic Melancholia- It is stage after acute melancholia. In this stage, the patient has mental sadness all the time, he has full faith on illusion, he feels much hunger, constipation is also found yet he does not feel any trouble; in addition to them, the patient has much desire for committing suicide. This stage is too serious.

Unconscious stage of Melancholia (Stupor)- In this stage, the patient feels anxiety in all matters with mental anxiety, he does not want to move if he is not vexed by others, does not want to do any work with his organs; he likes to live as dirty, saliva comes out from his mouth, mucus like phlegm goes on blowing from the nose, having desire for committing suicide, blood circulation becomes slow, body temperature is lesser than its normal temperature. All these symptoms are temporarily.

Treatment with different drugs on the basis of few symptoms:-

If the patient has suffered from melancholia with symptoms of liver diseases, using drugs like- Puls, Nux-vom, Merc, etc., are very beneficial.

If the patient has symptoms related to uterus disease with melancholia, drugs like Lilium-tig, Plantina, Lachesis, Actaea Racemosa, etc. should be used.

If the patient has symptoms of unconsciousness with melancholia, drugs like- Veretrum, Opium, Baptisia or Helleborus, etc. can be used for the treatment of this disease.

Use of different drugs for the treatment of melancholia:-

1. Natrum Muriaticum acid or Oxalic acid- In this disease, if the patient has symptoms of coming Oxluria with urine, Natrum Muriaticum acid or Oxalic acid should be used for its treatment.

2. Arsenic- If the patient of melancholia has desire for committing suicide, using Arsenic is very beneficial.

3. Cimicifuga- Using Cimicifuga 2x is very beneficial to cure symptoms like- neuralgic weakness, sleeplessness, restlessness, much anxiety, insanity symptoms with disordering of the uterus, etc.

4. Baptisia- If the patient of melancholia has symptoms of severe fever, Baptisia 1x should be used.

5. Platina- In the case of women, Platina 6 should be used to cure melancholia. This drug is very useful for those women who has symptoms like- much desire for committing suicide, all the things or human become small for her, excitement for sexual intercourse after giving birth to young


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