Treatment Of Pruritis Ani


In this disease, boils and pimples in round size appear near about the anus. The victim suffers from itching and inflammation in the anus.

Treatment Of Pruritis Ani With Different Medicines:

1. Radium brom: The patient feels itching all over the body and inflammation on the skin with the sensation of fire in the body. The patient feels itching into the anus. The medicine named Radium Brom can be taken for the treatment.

2. Ambra gricial: Symptoms are as itching in the genitals, itching in the scrotum, numbness of the skin, numbness into the arms, itching on the outer genital of the woman, etc. If the patient has been suffering from above mentioned symptoms along with itching into the anus, the use of Ambra Gricia 3 or 6 at the regular intervals of 8 hours provides relief. The patient will get a lot of relief.

3. Tucrium: Round boils or pimples near about the anus because of which the patient feels itching. The patient should take three drops of Tucrium 1x at the regular intervals of 8 hours to get relief.

4. Cinna: If there are worms into the boils and pimples along with itching, the patient should take Cinna-3 to kill worms. Its use proves very beneficial.

5. Ignatia: If the patient has been suffering from excessive itching in the anus and he feels as if worms are creeping at the mouth of anus, the use of the medicine named Ignatia 200 will prove very beneficial.

6. Nitric: If there is itching in the anus because of wandering in open air and after evacuation, the medicine named Nitric Acid can be used to get relief.

7. Alumina: If the patient feels itching into the anus like pricking along with inflammation, the patient should take Alumina 6-30 to get relief.

8. Antim crude: If the patient has been suffering from such kinds of symptoms as itching with inflammation and strange pinching pain, he should take Antim Crude 6 to get relief. 


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