Treatment Of Stricture In The Anus


In Stricture In The Anus, contraction starts to come in the anus because of different reasons. Presence of cancer in the anus is the chief cause of this contraction of the anus. Opening of the anus gets contracted because of anus cancer and the patient feels great trouble while excreting stool.

Treatment of Stricture In The Anus With Different Medicines:

1. Hydratis: If there is contraction in the anus because of cancer, the patient should take Hydratis-1 at the regular intervals of four hours to get relief. The patient should take anima twice a day by preparing lotion from its mother tincture. Its use provides a lot of relief to the patient. Prepare lotion by mixing 15-20 drops in clean water and then take anima.

2. Ruta: If the patient feels difficulty and he has to give pressure while evacuation stool because of the Stricture in the anus, the patient should take Ruta- mother tincture or Ruta 1 or 6 to get relief.


3. Nitric Acid: If the patient has been suffering from Stricture in the anus because of cancer of the anus, he should take the medicine Nitric Acid-6 at the regular intervals of four hours. This medicine is also beneficial if the patient has been suffering from pinching pain and portion of the anus has been broken.


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