Treatment Of Ulceration In Rectum


A person has to give excessive pressure while excreting stool. Sometimes, anus gets burst because of this reason and a wound originates there after bursting the anus. In this situation, the victim has to face great trouble while excreting stool.

Treatment Of Ulceration In Rectum With Different Medicines:

1. Nitric acid: The patient feels too much pain in the rectum because of ulceration in rectum during evacuation as if rectum has been torn. If the patient has been suffering from such problems, he should take Nitric Acid-6 at the regular interval of four hours.

2. Grafitis: The patient shows such symptoms as constipation, long, hard and small pieces in the stool along with mucus because of which he suffers from irritation and strange kind of pain in the rectum. Other symptoms are as small pieces in stool entangled in threads, web of veins in the anus and anus of the patient tears. A fat or cold natured person suffers from above mentioned symptoms. The patient should take Grafitis 6 or 30 to get relief.

3. Sulphur: If the patient has been suffering from redness around the anus along with itching and inflammation, hard and insufficient stool with small pieces, constant desire for evacuation of stool but the stomach remains unclear after evacuation and the patient feels a lot of pain while evacuation of stool, he should take Sulphur 30 can be taken for treatment.

4. Anima of hydratis lotion: If there are wound in the anus, the patient should adopt anima of the lotion of Hydratis. Its use proves beneficial. 


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