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Memory power goes in the nervous system of the brain by two ways

  1. Short time memory power:- sound vibrate by few cells groups of the brain. Only seven topics compiled in the brain at once by this memory power.
  2. Long time memory power:- This type of memory power is related to complex process. Important incident and imagine are compiled in this memory power.


There are several reasons that affect the memory power. Generally, memory is lost completely or partially due to any type of injury on the head.

Weak Memory occurs due to affected memory cells completely or partially.

The patient suffering from Weak Memory is not able to remember even a word or name. Weak Memory can occur due to taking liquor, nicotine or by the use of several drugs. These reasons affect the memory badly.

Weak Memory can occur due to any incident happened in house or with relatives.


The patient suffering from Weak Memory feels tiredness, tension and affected by insanity; his mental concentration is also affected.

In the case of old age person, the brain cells are dead resulting they do not remember current affairs also while remember old matter well.

In the case of young patient, most of them are not able to remember incident of present time or earlier time even tries hard to remember it.

In the case of children, they become unable to remember even their study matter.

Treatment of Weak Memory with different drugs:-

1. Anacardium-

If the patient feels much mental tiredness or becoming his memory power weak or is not able to meditate, etc., 6, 30 or 200 potency of this drug can be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

The patient becomes sensitive with weak memory. Thus, this drug is also very useful for such patient.

The mental power of the old patients starts becoming weak; the power of the sense organs like- eyes, ears and nose start to loss. Feeling emptiness in the stomach and gets rid of restlessness for a little while by taking meals. If such types of symptoms are found in a person, Anacardium 30 should be taken at an interval of every second or third day.

2. Baryta Carb- If mental weakness and memory start to loss in the children or old peoples with unable to remember any thing; children have become physically and mentally weak; flatulence; affected by cold easily; tonsils get swelling; the patient start to become physically weak, etc., taking Baryta Carb 3 to 30 is very effective to cure such patient.

3. Sulphur- The patient has no appropriate words while speaking even those words about which he has to talk; he forgets the name of those people who are familiar with him; he becomes habitual of forgetfulness; his memory power is lost. If such types of symptoms are found in a person, Sulphur 30 should be used to cure his disease.

4. Zincum met:- The mind of memory lost patient does not function properly; he remains in partial sleeping stage; he feels much mental tiredness and work seems difficult to do; his memory power becomes weak; does not like to do any work and talk; he is not able to sit with putting his legs; he goes on moving his legs, etc. thus, such types of symptoms are found in a person, using Zincum met 2 or 6 is beneficial to cure such patient.

5. Rhododendron- If the patient forgets what is to speak while talking, Rhododendron 6 is very useful to cure such symptoms of the patient.

6. Cocculus- If the memory power of the patient is weak and does not remember any thing, for the treatment of such patient, using Cocculus 3 or 30 is very useful.

7. Aethusa- When the patient has following symptoms like- loss of meditation power or thinking power, does not like to read and write, etc.

8. Ambra Grisea:- The memory power of the patient becomes weak and he has to read a sentence again and again to understand. Mostly, these types of symptoms are found in old peoples. Thus, Ambra Grisea 2 or 3 can be used to cure such patient.

9. Lachesis- Memory power is lost due to which, the patient is forgotten words just after hearing; patient forgets where he wants to go; goes on making mistake while speaking and writing. The mental power of such patient is lost even he remains unknown about time. Thus, Lachesis 30 or 200 should be used to cure disease of such patient.

10. Glonoine- The patient is forgotten his own street; is not able to remember familiar place; those places seems unfamiliar; mostly these types of symptoms appeared due to heat in the head. Such types of patients are not able to sit near fire. This type of symptom can occur due to congestion of blood in the mind. Thus, for the treatment of such patient, Glonoine 6 or 30 can be used. 6 potency of this drug should be taken once in a week.

11. Acid Phos- The patient is not able to remember any thing due to weak memory power. Thus, for the treatment of such symptoms, using Acid Phos 1x is very effective.


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