What is Brain Membrane | Symptoms


In this case, the mucus membrane that covers the brain gets swelling in it. This type of swelling occurs due to any type of injury on the brain or T.B. virus, bacteria, etc.


With this type of swelling, patient has fever too and he becomes irritable temperament; he remains confused; violent pain starts in his head; mostly due to occurring defects in vasan function, unconsciousness also occurs. The neck starts to become stiff and feels pain by moving it. The whole body becomes lethargy with sadness.

What should we do or not in the case of this disease:

Do not take drugs by itself without confirmation because it can be harmful.

Do not avoid the symptoms of the patient because it can harm the brain and mental or physical paralysis can occur.

If the brain got injury, it should be treated immediately.

If the patient has fever, headache or feels vomiting, he should take treatment according to a doctor


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