What is Mental Disease ? Symptoms


There is deep relationship in between the body and the mind. If any type of disease occurs in the body, mind is also affected by it and different types of mental troubles appear like- if severe fever occurred in a person, insanity occurs in the patient and symptoms as laughing, weeping and unconsciousness are found in the patient. If the forehead got hurt by any way, mental problems can occur or patient can feel cold. While, when mental disordering occurs, it affects the body resulting several types of disease occur in the body like- if son of a woman died, she can become mad due to this shock and seems like dead body. In the case of unsuccessful in love, nature becomes unstable and the body becomes bad for all the time.

Several types of mental disease can occur due to excess mental troubles, sadness or abuse of the mind, etc.

The symptoms of mental disease are also found in any type of disease, but it depends upon the type of disease like- neuralgic pain in the selfish humans only, indigestion occurs in those who like noises, cancer occurs in those male and female who are unsuccessful in love, apoplexy in angry humans or deafness in those who does not listen others.


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